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Informative Graphic Design

Conference Branding


To communicate extensive. information about a social issue or cause to a specific audience.


Creative solution:

To design a conference to be held for teachers who feel like they've lost their voice in teaching due to politics. Hosted by the school board, this conference is dedicated to educate and build awareness on Critical Race Theory and what it means for the future of education. The use of bold design elements from the Dada and constructivist movements are a call to their rejection of systematic society, similar to this rejection of unjust legislation. Through the design and execution of a campaign identity, conference material, and brochure, we plan to connect these teachers by amplifying their voices.

Screen Shot 2023-09-30 at 5.48.01 AM.png

Conference Signage

Final Banner.jpg
Screen Shot 2023-09-30 at 6.12.47 AM.png



Brochure Front/Back

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