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Hale's Mechanic Services


 Hale's Mechanic Services is a privately owned mechanic shop located off of SR-21 in Georgia. Without registering the company and address with Google, having a website, or having a social media presence, the majority of recurring customers were locals and loyals that the owner picked up over his years in his practice. The only way of knowing that this shop existed was through word of mouth, and it was a shame considering the honesty and reliability that they had to offer. I wanted to help the owner to expand his business to reach more customers and reach his potential. as a successful business; so I brought my car into the shop for maintenance, pitched my idea to build him a website, and left with a business plan geared towards developing his brand.

Consumer Insight:

We've all been there, you run into an unanticipated car problem and don't have a trustworthy mechanic to turn to for advice. Lucky for me, a good friend of mine is the owner and main operator of a mechanic service shop, so I have somewhere reliable to go when my car needs work; but up until I found his shop, I didn't understand my car's needs and was constantly ripped off by dealerships and chain service shops out of a lack of alternatives. I came to the realization that many people are like me in that aspect, however they have no way of knowing that an honest shop like this exists. 


To develop a web presence for a local, privately owned mechanic shop while building a brand identity through the use of a website, social media and deliverables. This will improve the shops discoverability, reachability, and credibility.  

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