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Design Firm - Brand Identity System 



Design a social media app for tattoo artists and clients

Our Philosophy

We are all about having fun while helping preserve the Earth. We

look to help create a better future and get creative while doing it.

Ways for us to do this include:

  • Aim to work with sustainable clientele

  • Emphasis on having fun with design outcomes

  • Non-conforming- Step outside of the norms of traditional graphic design

What do we do?

We specialize in designing for businesses that look to

reduce their carbon footprint in the world, while still

having fun. This can include:

  • Redesigning packages to utilize less or no plastic

  • Helping companies brand themselves in a more fun and engaging way with their audience

  • Designing product packaging to be multifunctional (i.e. a pizza box that can be folded into a plate)

What makes us special?

We stand out from the competitors. Like them, we push for fun colorful designs but our philosophy has our focus revolving around creating a better future. Sure, sustainability is something often talked about, and is the standard for many in this modern age, but how often are we pushing it to its full potential?

Rather than putting design first and sustainability second, both design and sustainability are first.


Color & Type 

Business Cards


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